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  • Lake County Educational Article of the Month - How To Prevent Lake County Chipmunks From Yard And Landscape

How To Prevent Lake County Chipmunks From Yard And Landscape

Chipmunks like to create habitats in the forests, rural areas as well as in the man-made structures. These creatures love to reside inside burrows that they keep on building on the ground. They use these underground spaces for hibernation as well as to store food. Chipmunks can cause huge damage to premises with their terrible digging habits hence it is important to take immediate steps to get rid of these creatures as soon as possible. If you live in a Lake County chipmunk affected area, the best idea is to prevent their access to your property. The great news is that it is far easier as compared to removing them from your yard or garden. There are few simple methods that can help you to avail desired results for chipmunk problem.

1. Install fences
One of the most trustworthy methods to keep Illinois chipmunks away from the premises is to install fences all around. Note that you can easily find wire mesh fences as well as hardwire cloth type fences in the market that can be used to create a perimeter around the entire property. In case if you are not in a condition to invest huge amount on installing fences all around, it is good to install them around your yard or specific trees. These fences will help to keep chipmunks away from your premises. But before you install, it is important to know that chipmunks are skilled diggers, if they don't find a path above the ground, they can even try to get inside through underground burrows. Hence, it is important to install fences in such a manner that they can cover at least 8 inches long below the ground.

2. Seal the premises:
Although Lake County chipmunks are not interested in getting inside your house, if they find any tiny hole, they can enter inside to explore the area for some food source. In such a situation, they can cause huge damage to your house. In order to keep them out, it is good to seal the whole area including all tiny holes so that chipmunks cannot find a way to get inside. In case if you have some unwanted cracks and spaces in your doors, windows or other parts of the home, seal them using proper plastic or rubber material. chipmunks are tiny creatures, so they can get inside through small cracks as well; prefer to cover them all with appropriate material to ensure complete safety. Other than this, you need to seal natural openings such as pipes, chimneys, and vents. In case if you have noticed chipmunk's activities in your premises, it is important to keep routine check in your attics, basements and other hidden corners to avoid their nests.

3. Take help from pets:
It is also possible to get rid of Illinois chipmunks with the help of pets. If you have dogs and cats at home, they can scare chipmunks with ease. In case if you are not interested in raising a pet at home; you can also use predator urine to scare these rodents away.

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